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Armytrix Exhaust OPF update

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3 years ago on 21-04-2020 12:53:07

Current emission laws are forcing both OEM and aftermarket manufacturers to adapt in various ways. The Otto Particulate Filter that models > September 2019 can have, might cause a fitting problem for Armytrix exhausts.

OPF in catback

If you have a particular make and model where the OPF is located in the cat-back section of the exhaust (meanig AFTER the downpipe), you'll need an Armytrix 'OPF' model cat-back.

Armytrix currently provides the following OPF cat-backs (april 2020):

  • Mercedes Benz E-Class  E250 (W213, C213, S213)
  • Mercedes Benz C-Class C300 Facelift (W205, S205)
  • Mercedes Benz CLA180 >2019 (C117)
  • Mercedes Benz GLC300 (C253)

OPF in down-pipe

If the OPF is situated in the down-pipe of your vehicle (the pipe coming directly from the turbo), you can just fit a regular Armytrix cat-back system. If you're (also) looking to change your down-pipe however, you would need an Armytrix 'OPF' model down-pipe.

Armytrix currently provides the following OPF down pipes (april 2020):

  • Volkswagen Golf 7 / 7.5 GTI

Armytrix exhaust OPF

If you want the get the best sound possible, we advise you to always go with a complete line (turbo-back), and install a down pipe as well. This is especially true on these OPF models. Also, please be aware that all models that have OPF, need additional software upgrades after installing an Armytrix exhaust.

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