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Armytrix Exhaust OPF update

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1 month ago on 21-04-2020 12:53:07

Current emission laws are forcing both OEM and aftermarket manufacturers to adapt in various ways. The Otto Particulate Filter that models > September 2019 can have, might cause a fitting problem for Armytrix exhausts.

OPF in catback

If you have a particular make and model where the OPF is located in the cat-back section of the exhaust (meanig AFTER the downpipe), you'll need an Armytrix 'OPF' model cat-back. 

Armytrix currently provides the following OPF cat-backs (april 2020):

- Mercedes Benz E-Class  E250 (W213, C213, S213)

- Mercedes Benz C-Class C300 Facelift (W205, S205)

- Mercedes Benz CLA180 >2019 (C117)

- Mercedes Benz GLC300 (C253)

OPF in downpipe

If the OPF is situated in the downpipe of your vehicle (the pipe coming directly from the turbo), you can just fit a regular Armytrix cat-back system. If you're (also) looking to change your downpipe however, you would need an Armytrix 'OPF' model downpipe. 

Armytrix currently provides the following OPF downpipes (april 2020):

- Volkswagen Golf 7 / 7.5 GTI 

Armytrix exhaust OPF

If you want the get the best sound possible, we advise you to always go with a complete line (turbo-back), and install a downpipe aswell. This is especially true on these OPF models. Also, please be aware that all models that have OPF, need additional software upgrades after installing an Armytrix exhaust. 

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