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The 3 main benefits of installing an Armytrix downpipe

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4 years ago on 15-07-2019 14:44:40

Chances are you're currently driving your car fitted with a factory / OEM downpipe, with numerous bends and airflow restrictions. In most cases, the OEM pipes are bent using a cheap bending process, restricting your car even more. Therefore, installing an Armytrix downpipe has several benefits and might be one of the best decisions for your car.

Why should I buy a downpipe?

A downpipe connects the exhaust manifold to the catalytic converter and directs the exhaust gases out of the turbine housing into the exhaust system. Replacing the factory downpipe with a smooth, high flowing and bigger downpipe comes with multiple benefits. Overall, your car will be more efficient, more powerful and result in better performances. However, there are 3 main reasons why you should buy and install a downpipe:

1.Remove the resistance of unnecessary bends

The factory downpipe can come with several 'unnecessary' bends, which one by one creates resistance and decreases the power of your turbo. An after-market downpipe has less bends and thus removes this resistance and the factory restrictions. It’s not a choking point anymore for the performance of your car. In other words; straight pipe it!

Here's an example how that would look for an Audi RS3:

armytrix downpipe audi rs3 v8 sportback blogimage

2. Boost your horsepower and get the most out of chiptuning

Het vervangen van de downpipe kan je koppel en PK aanzienlijk verhogen. Vooral de koppeltoename is prettig, maar bovendien wordt het gat van je 'turbogat' kleiner. Zodra de turbo begint te spoelen, ga je merken dat je echt in je stoel wordt gedrukt. Daarnaast is een downpipe een must als je aan chiptuning denkt. Je wilt immers het meeste uit je voertuig halen en een grotere en 'smoothere' Armytrix downpipe is dan zeker de oplossing.

3. Be more efficient with the given resources

An Armytrix downpipe will give you the option to lose your catalytic converter or will utilize it more efficiently (see our downpipe catalog). This enables the movement of more exhaust gases at a higher speed, allowing your turbo to spin quicker. In addition to the increased responsiveness of your turbo, you can expect an increase of 15-20 horsepower and torque. Hence, an Armytrix downpipe allows more and easier access of air into your engine. This ensures better airflow and less restrictions, resulting in a smoother engine, more horsepower and the loudest sound possible! However, it is important to choose a downpipe that fits exactly to your vehicle. Only then, the desired increased performances will be achieved.

Convinced? Select your brand, model, engine and choose your Armytrix downpipe here.

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