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Why VW Golf & Armytrix are a match made in heaven...

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5 years ago on 14-03-2019 10:19:59

Armytrix is the quintessential brand for your VW Golf.

If you're looking for an exhaust system to fit your VW Golf, then this is the place to be. Armytrix stands for performance and quality. The revolutionary exhaust system that changes 'the game'. With this technology fitted to VW Golf, you experience a whole new level of excitement that you have never felt before when driving. Armytrix will give you a whole new look at your own VW Golf and the driving experience. Whether you drive a Golf MK6 GTI or MK7 GTI.

This is made possible because our German and Japanese engineers have been able to combine their ideas, knowledge and skills, resulting in a truly amazing exhaust system.

An Armytrix exhaust boosts the performance of your VW Golf R or GTI

Our goal is to get the most out of your VW Golf by pushing boundaries. Armytrix exhaust systems need to be able to withstand constant high loads in order to provide just that little bit extra. That's why we build superior valve controlled exhaust systems that are unrivalled in sound, quality and performance enhancement.

armytrix exhaust vw golf 7 downpipe close-up

Armytrix exhausts are valve controlled

Our Armytrix valve system for the VW Golf brings unprecedented versatility to the owner of the vehicle. A simple remote, a push off a button; you decide when and how to be heard. We give back control to the driver, one push on the Armytrix key introduces a whole new driving experience. You decide when and how you want to be heard!

The remote control has 3 settings:

  • Smart mode
  • Neighbour mode
  • Beast mode

armytrix exhaust remote control function vw golf 7 blog

Armytrix offers exhaust systems for the following Volkswagen Golf models:

  • Golf 6 R
  • Golf 6 GTI
  • Golf 7 R
  • Golf 7 GTI
  • Golf 7.5 R
  • Golf 7.5 GTI

Convinced? Find your local dealer here:

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