Armytrix And Supercars

A supercar symbolizes human ingenuity, combining raw mechanical power with refined artistic design. A car is no longer just a car, it represents a way of life. Nowadays a car is a status symbol, center of attention and a piece of excellent machinery built to satisfy the human desire...

Whatever it represents, the passion for it probably showed up when you were growing up. You fantasized about getting behind the wheel of it, had posters on your wall of your favorite supercar  or encountered one in the streets and remembered what it did with you. Their slick designs, flamboyant colors, fascinating speed and the explicit sound had all been deeply imprinted in your mind.

ARMYTRIX is taking your supercar to the next level. The exhaust systems are designed to unleash the vehicles true potentials. Cars from the brands; Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren and Audi are already suited with an exhaust from ARMYTRIX. Because we understand that a car needs the best materials possible, ARMYTRIX uses the best titanium available for their products. The materials used are also used in space programs and military weapons. We understand that these materials represent a higher price and are more difficult to weld, so why do we use these materials instead of cheaper and easier to weld materials?

  • Titanium is a light and extremely strong material
  • Titanium is extremely durable
  • After compiling the material it becomes even more resistant to heat, corrosion, cracking and faintness.
  • The sound produced using titanium is truly one of a kind.
    - Low rpm’s - it is a nice soothing rumble
    - Midrange - the rumble is amplified but crisp
    - High RPM's - it becomes scary loud and passionately powerful.
  • The drone has been precisely tuned out; so you are free to enjoy that ARMYTRIX sound.
  • Ceramic coated pipes ensure a faster and smoother flow, resulting in better performance.

ARMYTRIX’s Research and development team members devoted themselves to find the best materials and create the best designs to push all the potential of your beloved supercar. ARMYTRIX understands your enthusiasm and your desire for High End craftsmanship. You already experience your supercar’s needless design and power. We are confident that our products can provide you with an even more enjoyable driving experience. Let us guide you on your pursuit to achieve boundless performance and an exclusive unique sound.

Armytrix And The Nissan GTR

The goal for Nissan was to create an advanced but affordable supercar. The Nissan GTR, nowadays is a benchmark for all other car manufacturers because of the sophisticated technology. It surpasses all expectations of the legendary skyline series. It’s 3.8L Twin Turbo v6 generates 500 plus HP, along with 600 plus Torque. And Nissan is still developing and improving their successor...

You have probably red about it or experienced it, it launched in 2.7 seconds from 0-100 KM/H. It has a super slick paddle shift gearbox and is built for those driving enthusiasts who are looking for power and comfort in one car. The AWD gives you the safe feeling you want when the weather isn’t as we want it to be. The GTR is the perfect all day supercar.  

ARMYTRIX is taking the GTR to the next level. We have improved this of beast, even when people thing this isn’t possible. Our exhaust system is designed to improve the performance and the sound. The exhaust fits perfectly onto your GTR without needing additional changes. To satisfy the different needs of our diverse customers, we give you the opportunity to chose between a Stainless Steel or Titanium exhaust.

Due to its dense concentration, stainless steel exhausts produce a deeper and fuller sound. The ability to resist corrosion and staining, along with low maintenance and attractive glistering makes it an ideal material to use. Upgrading to an Stainless Steel system will save a considerable amount of weight over the bulky stock exhaust. This enhances your GTR Performance even more. The use of Titanium gives an exhaust the High End Performance looks, you want an exhaust has. ARMYTRIX realizes the potential of titanium and made it to a mission to bring this superior material to the aftermarket scene. Its high strength to weight ratio means it is extremely durable and extremely lighter than the stock materials which are used. Titanium is extremely resistant to heat, corrosion, cracking and faintness. That’s why titanium is the best way to go with an exhaust for maximum performance.  

ARMYTRIX also offers an industry leading valvetronic Technology on their exhaust systems. This system gives you the opportunity to chose between three different modes. In ON mode, the valves are fully opened; expect your “GODZILLA” to sound like never before. The OFF mode makes sure the valves are closed for your everyday driving. AUTO mode allows the user to choose when the valves open by either the RPM or by how deep the gas pedal is engaged.

ARMYTRIX exhaust systems guarantee you a gain of performance. The cars are constantly tested on the Dyno, whether it’s a stainless steel or Titanium exhaust and every exhaust shows improved performance figures. The GTR gains 25 horsepower and up to 63NM torque.  

We are confident that our products can provide you with an even more enjoyable driving experience. Let us guide you on your pursuit to achieve boundless performance and an exclusive unique sound.

Becoming The Best

ARMYTRIX is getting a foothold in the European performance exhaust market. Our purpose is to dominate the supercar segment. At the moment ARMYTRIX is developing an impressive assortment of exhaust systems and parts for brands like Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porsche and Volkswagen.

The years of experience and knowledge ARMYTRIX has with designing and producing exhaust systems reflect in their drive to continuous improvement.

ARMYTRIX spares no expenses and manpower to become the market leader with their exhaust systems. 3D Scanners, scan the undercarriages, so their engineers have the opportunity to design specific exhaust systems that fit perfectly onto every type of car. The exhaust systems are skillfully weld with TIG on a level which is comparable with aircraft welding.

ARMYTRIX understands that a vehicle goes through a lot during his lifetime. That’s why the material which is used must be able to encounter the most extreme conditions. Internally, it must be able to withstand a mixture of carbon monoxide, unburned hydrocarbon, oxides of nitrogen and many other chemical composites. Externally, the system should be resistant against corrosive salts, moisture, gravel and many more hazardous elements.

Porsche And Armytrix

ARMYTRIX has always driven us to providing Porsche’s with the best titanium and stainless steel exhaust systems along with enhancing complimentary technology. With the knowledge of the German and Japanese engineers, we have created a complete new range of exhaust systems for several Porsche models like the Boxster, Cayman, Panamera and the famous 911.

Using modern 3D scanning technology, we develop exhaust systems with exact measurements and precise fitment.  With the blueprints, our craftsmen manufacture the pieces  with an astonishing accuracy. The T304 stainless steel is a considerable upgrade over its factory counterpart. Giving it’s dense nature, it is capable of combating harmful agents, internal and external. The titanium ARMYTRIX uses is capable of maintaining structural purity under extreme conditions, while functioning at a substantially reduced mass.

The real sound and power of the Porsche engines are unleashed with ARMYTRIX’s advanced valvetronic technology. Our design increases the exhaust flow volume which improves the overall performance of the exhaust. With the refined and deepened exhaust sound, your Porsche becomes the car you’ve always wanted to have.  Why settle for better if you can go for the best. With an ARMYTRIX exhaust you get the excitement and fun back. Experience the quality and sensation with infinite power and a persuading sound.

Revolutionary Phone Application

As a pioneer in the exhaust system market, ARMYTRIX developed an application for their Valvetronic controlled exhaust systems. ARMYTRIX aimed to strengthen the link between the driver and the machine. . They did this by increasing functionality and mobility....

What are the features of the application developed by ARMYTRIX?

  • Easy to use interface
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Available for IOS and Android
  • Receive real time updates about your vehicle(High Data logging rate)
  • Control the configuration of the exhaust valves
  • Valves controlled by remote
    - Green light on means valves are open
    - Red light means valves are closed
    - Orange means the valves will automatically open at 3500 RPM

The next innovation ARMYTRIX developed is the simple installation method which is needed before you can control your valves with the application. ARMYTRIX developed an OBDII module which you click onto your existing OBDII interface. Add a couple of wires in the right place and the job is done.

  • First Ever APP Controlled Valvetronic System via OBDII Port
  • Easy install - Reduced installation time by 50%
  • No complex wiring
  • Plug and Play
  • Delete CEL Code
  • Multiple Selectable Options (RPM, Speed, etc.)
  • Reliable | Efficient | Secure
Creating Higher Standards