Über Armytrix

Armytrix ist unübertroffen im produzieren von Ventil gesteuert Abgasanlagen von hohe Qualität. Unsere Philosophie ist es, Kunden mit unglaublichen Sound, mehr Leistung und Vielseitigkeit an zu bieten. Armytrix strebt nach Innovation. Armytrix baut nicht nur Produkte, Armytrix schafft Erlebnisse.

Combining the knowledge and insight of German and Japanese engineers, ARMYTRIX stands for revolutionary design and masterful manufacturing. ARMYTRIX is one of the best producers of high-end Performance exhaust systems. High Performance vehicles are well developed machines, which are built to constantly satisfy the driver’s desire to push the boundaries. An ARMYTRIX exhaust system will bring your car to the next level.   

The ARMYTRIX Research and development team’s passion, expertise and knowledge can be seen in our design and manufacturing techniques. ARMYTRIX uses aerospace titanium and stainless steel to provide the customers with the best quality. They produce valvetronic exhaust systems for some of the best performance vehicles in today’s automobile market; consisting brands like Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mclaren, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Nissan and Volkswagen.   

ARMYTRIX exhaust systems are designed to the specifications of each vehicle and handcrafted to ensure perfect fitment and maximum performance. All of the ARMYTRIX exhaust systems are repeatedly DYNO tested. Through constantly optimizing and redefining, ARMYTRIX can ensure the customers the best performance upgrade possible with an exhaust system. The advanced ARMYTRIX mufflers are designed to set them apart in this competitive market. The complex internal chamber design creates the well known ARMYTRIX howl. All the systems have wireless controlled mechanical valves, which provide the customer with the opportunity to control the sound of the exhaust by hand.

ARMYTRIX means arming your vehicle with an advanced exhaust system that will exceed your expectations.

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